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Clementine Kush Diamonds & Sauce

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Highest crystal-clear large sized diamonds that sparkle under its veil of peppery terpene-rich sauce. Incredible talent, care and time is needed to create such precious gems. Expect an incredible smooth

inhale and potent high.

80-90% THC | 5-10% terpenes

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Clementine Kush & Sticky Papaya

Live Resin Vape Cartridges


Clementine Kush - Indica Dominant Hybrid

High in terpenes. Full of fresh, spicy and tangy citrus with a classic earthy kush finish.
70-80% THC | 2% CBG  

8-16% terpenes

Sticky Papaya - Sativa Dominant

High in terpenes. Enjoy the uplifting and relaxing high with a tropical, fruity flavour.

70-80% THC

A true cannabis plant experience!

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Terra Lab's Cush Live Resin Caviar

Clementine Kush Live

Resin Caviar

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Single sourced strain perfectly blended crystalline diamonds and complex terpene sauce. Dark berry citrus flavours with woody spicy herbal aromas.

80-90% THC | 5-10% terpenes

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Cherry AK-47 Live Resin Badder

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

This classic cultivar is terpene rich in fresh aromas of citrus peel & spice delivered to you in a smooth

and creamy texture.

Fresh & full of flavour!

78-88% THC | 2% CBG

 10-18% terpenes

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Sunny Daze Live Resin Crumble.JPG

Sunny Daze Live Resin Crumble

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Hard hitting. Very potent and high in THC with a crumbly like texture, moist in terpenes with deep roasty orange tones and a pungent earthy aroma.

85-95% THC | 2% CBG 

5-10% terpenes

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 Clementine Kush Live Resin Diamonds

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Very potent. THCA in its purest form. Fruity aroma, floral cured with clear intention and care.

80-90% THC | 1-2% terpenes

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Sticky Papaya Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

This uplifting and relaxing sativa dominant hybrid pops with a tropical fruit flavour. Premium flower, grown indoors and infused with single strain sourced diamonds.


45.3% THC

100% Single strain, Resin and Flower

3 sizes:  1 x 0.5g, 1 x 1.0g, 3 x 0.5g


Typical results are displayed.

Actual results are subject to batch-to-batch variability.


Pure Cannabis.

A True Expression

Of The Plant!

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